Vim which stands for Vi Improved is a text editor program for Unix authored by Bram Moolenaar.

Search/Replace Options

Command Description
/findme Search for the word "findme"
n Move to the next occurrence of the word "findme"
:s/search/replace/g Replace the word "search" with "replace" globally on the current line
:%s/search/replace/g Replace the word "search" with "replace" globally on all lines

Moving Around Options

Command Description
h Move one character left
j Move one character down
k Move one character up
l Move one character right
0 Move to the beginning of the current line
$ Move to the end of the current line

Insert Commands

Command Description
i Insert at the current character
I Insert at the beginning of the current line
o Insert a new line following the current line
O Insert a new line before the current line

Delete Commands

Command Description
x Delete the current character (under the cursor)
u Undo deletion
dd Delete the current line
10dd Delete 10 lines
dw Delete from the current cursor to the end of the word
d5w Delete 5 words

Copy/Paste Commands

Command Description
yy Yank (copy) the current line
5yy Yank (copy) 5 lines
p Paste to the right
P Paste to the left
" put this in your .vimrc file and make your life easier
set tabstop=2               " number of visual spaces per TAB
set softtabstop=2           " number of spaces in tab when editing
set expandtab               " tabs are spaces
set number                  " always show line numbers
set showcmd	            " show command in bottom bar right
" filetype indent on 	    " load filetype spefific indent files
set showmatch		    " highlight matching [{()}]
set ruler                   " show file stats / show the cursor position all the time
set visualbell              " blink cursor on error instead of beeping
syntax on                   " turn on syntax highlighting
set showmode                " show current mode down the bottom
set mouse=a                 " enable mouse in all modes
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