Here I have listed various projects I have worked on over the years along with the tools/technologies I have used. These are mostly non-work-related projects. I have provided links to these projects, which will either lead to GitHub repositories or other websites. Some links may lead to private repos.

AI, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics
Point Cloud Renderer

A WebGL (OpenGL in the Web) application that renders point cloud data (PLY files) in the web.

Primary Tools: WebGL (GLSL), HTML, Javascript

Eye Tracking System

A computer vision application that tracks human pupil in real time.

Primary Tools: C++, OpenCV, CUDA

Object Detection Tensorflow

Object detection with vgg16 convolutional neural network using tensorflow

Primary Tools: Python, Tensorflow, Keras

RTSP Stream Viewer

An OpenCV application to read and display an rtsp stream.

Primary Tools: OpenCV, C++, cmake

Open Source

A javascript library that provides python like functionality.

Primary Tools: Javascript, Nodejs


PLYParser is a javascript library that parses PLY (Polygon File Format) files.

Primary Tools: Javascript, Nodejs


A python module that parses ASCII PLY (.ply) (Polygon File Format) files.

Primary Tools: Python

IOT Dashboard

A Django IOT web application with a notion of a Company, Thing, and Location to accommodate deployment of IOT products.

Primary Tools: Django, Python, Docker, Nginx, Heroku

Financial Utilities
Stocks Dashboard

A dashboard for stock market summarization using data from Yahoo's finance page.

Primary Tools: Python, HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap

Future Value Calculator

A webapp to calculate Future Value of a current sum with varying contributions and compounding frequencies.

Primary Tools: HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, chart.js

Loan Amortization Calculator

A webapp utility that calculates and visualizes loan Amortization schedule

Primary Tools: HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, chart.js

Nepali Fonts to Unicode

A simple webapp to convert text in various Nepali Fonts to Unicode

Primary Tools: Python