Krishna is a computer scientist and DevOps engineer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering program from the University of Texas at Arlington, College of Engineering.

I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science.

I am a subject-matter expert in DevOps and System Administration. I absolutely love solving problems and automating solutions. I am an absolute beast and a heavy hitter. I come packed with a solid foundational background in Computer Science Engineering and real world hands-on experience working in various industries such as Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Electrical & Manufacturing, and RFID industries. In my free time, I take various courses online to continuously learn new skills and my certifications are proof of that. I also work on several projects building awesome things outside of work because I am very creative and passionate about what I do. Once my creative energy starts flowing, I do not want to stop until I create something wonderful. Some of the best things that I have built are built at night at 2am or 3am when I am by myself and there are no distractions. I sincerely believe that a deep level of focus and concentration combined with a creative energy is the key to become highly successful in any project in life.

My research interests are in Computer Vision, Neural Networks, and Brain-Computer Interfaces.

I am currently exploring Neural Machine Translation systems.

Besides technical things, I enjoy playing chess, jogging, meditating, reading historical and spiritual books, and listening to classical music.

Check out some of my Notes and Projects.


Please feel free to contact me for any consulting work or if you have any project ideas or if you would like to collaborate on a particular open-source project.